General Features:

The ROTOR CR ovens are perfect for all types of bread and for the production of pastry and biscuits; these ovens are built with one or more chambers (1 for cr mini and 3 for the others), they can be powered by gas, diesel or electrically, with rotating trolley, ideal for cooking products on trays or using molds . They also meet needs for simplicity of use, energy saving and space optimization.

  • BURNER placed in the back of the oven (left side), in order to minimize the space occupied and at the same time allow easy access for maintenance;
  • AIR FLOW envelops the trolley in a perfectly homogeneous way, to have a uniform heat quantity from top to bottom and an ideal cooking.
  • HEAT EXCHANGER designed to best exploit the heat exchange between the air circulating in the oven and the heat produced by the heat exchanger itself. It is made of special-refractory steel, which allows maximum durability over time;
  • STEAM GENERATOR ensures a constant and high quantity of steam even in the presence of a continuous working cycle;
  • STRONG STRUCTURE, reliable and very long lasting over time, using highly selected materials.
  • FACADE in stainless steel;
  • COOKING ROOM in stainless steel with SLOTS for air flow regulation;
  • Parts in CONTACT WITH THE PRODUCT are in stainless steel, to ensure maximum hygiene and durability over time;
  • INSULATION with double-layer HIGH insulating power;
  • DOOR is very thick, is leak-proof. The internal handle offers a total guarantee of safety. The thickness of the glass ensures excellent thermal shock resistance and its large dimensions allow easy inspection of the product during baking process. The door gaskets are made with stainless steel and silicone-rubber, very resistant to heat, aging and impact, while the inner and outer glasses are easily removable for cleaning;
  • HIGH CAPTURE CAPP in stainless steel;
  • BURNER Riello 40 is the optimal solution for functionality and caloric yield. Located on the back of the oven, it allows you to make the best use of the space.
  • POWER SUPPLY can be:
    • Diesel oil, natural gas or LPG burner
    • Electric armored heaters
  • CONTROL PANEL, extremely easy to read and use, responding to the latest safety regulations. On request, it can be equipped with a computerized system to control all the functions of the oven and allows the memorization of a large number of work programs and recipes. (Possibility of Touch Panel).
  • Rotor Cr ovens have two COUPLING SYSTEMS:
    • Turntable
    • Upper hook

Other characteristics:

  • Openable glass to facilitate cleaning
  • Light on the oven door to ensure high visibility of the product during cooking process
  • Anti-burst valve
  • Cooking programs on request
  • Wall steamer
  • Double layer of high density rock wool
  • Adjustable Air Slots