The ELECTRO-VAPOR series of deck ovens has been designed to combine the incredible power of our annular tube ovens with the flexibility of an electrical chamber with armored heating elements. This makes it possible to have advantage of the upper chamber at the end of working hours for the cooking of all those pastry products that require greater flexibility.



  • The annular tubes are made of iron, diameter 35mm (or 27mm as an option), thickness 5.5mm;
  • Each single tube is bent and welded manually in order to ensure perfect sealing over time;
  • Each tube is tested with a special testing machine up to 600 atmospheres.


  • The base of an ELECTRO VAPOR oven is the supporting base of the structure.
  • We use high thickness iron, combined with strong and continuous welding, to guarantee maximum durability over time;
  • The channels for the flue gas pass are entirely covered with refractory bricks created according to our exclusive recipe, with a composition that guarantees greater heat retention than the others on the market;
  • The base is designed to be extremely easy to assemble, to save the assembly time as much as possible.


  • Each tube is placed at a specific distance from each other to ensure perfect cooking.
  • The resulting step comes from years of study and experience and is the secret of the entire structure.
  • On each level outlined by the pipes, specific refractory bricks are placed to transfer the heat directly to the dough.
  • The maximum cooking temperature is about 300 ° C. Above this threshold, the safety thermostat will stop the system.
  • The oven increases its temperature by about 5 ° C every minute and in the morning, from cold starting, it will take about 50 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
  • The uppermost chamber is ELECTRIC, independent from the rest of the oven both as power supply and as temperature regulation. It is equipped with armored heating elements and allows for unparalleled flexibility of use, aided by the heat generated by the other chambers, aimed at increasing the energy saving of the oven.

Our BRICKS are made with a specific and exclusive recipe, the result of years of experience, to ensure maximum heat retention with minimum dissipated energy. The advantage of this choice can be found in the reduction in consumption during the cooking cycle and in the constant color uniformity of the obtained bread.


  • Each chamber is equipped with 2 internal steel steam generators (right and left), unless otherwise requested at time of order.
  • They are completely independent and guarantee a high and constant steam production;
  • Each steamer is easily removable for maintenance when and if necessary;
  • The quantity of steam produced by the steam generators is related to the temperature used in the oven. If an average temperature of about 240 ° C is used, steam can be obtained for about 5 continuous seconds.


Each oven can be customized with the number, type and size of doors.

  • Available sizes: 615mm 750mm;
  • Available materials:
    • 100% glass with double chamber 20mm
    • Aisi 430 steel
  • The opening can be upwards or downwards, depending on the model chosen.
  • Each door is perfectly balanced.


  • Standard electromechanical
  • Touch screen on request

Power 24V


  • Gas / oil burner
  • Wood
  • Pellets