The ELECTRO deck oven series was born, designed and built to produce any type of bread, taking all the advantages of armored resistor elements power supply.



  • The base of an ELECTRO oven is the supporting base of the structure.
  • We use thick iron, combined with sturdy and continuous welding, to guarantee the maximum durability.
  • The steamers are placed in the lower part of the structure directly.
  • The base is designed to be extremely easy to assemble, to save the assembly time as much as possible.


  • The cooking chambers of CONTINENTAL ovens are individually welded and hermetically constructed to prevent heat loss, even after years.
  • Each chamber is independent from the others, both in terms of operation and temperature regulation.
  • Each room is insulated with pressed rock wool, both between one and the other, and laterally; in this way it is possible to cook products that require very different temperatures even in adjacent rooms.
  • The temperature of each chamber can be individually adjusted in the different areas: front, back, center.


  • Each room is equipped with 1 corresponding steamer.
  • They are completely independent and guarantee a high and constant steam production thanks to the 2 armored resistors placed in each of them;
  • Each steamer can be easily inspected for maintenance when and if necessary;
  • The quantity of steam produced by the steam generators is independent of the temperature used in the oven.


  • The “U” resistors are produced in AISI 321.
  • 2 armored heating elements for each steamer to never leave the baker without steam, even in case of breakdowns.
  • The resistors are extremely easy to replace.
  • Each oven is equipped with power boards, to ensure maximum operation at all times.
  • Possibility of adding the ECO-system for further energy savings.
  • Possibility to control the oven with Touch Screen control panel on request.


Continental Forni electric ovens have been conceived, designed and built to reduce energy consumption to a minimum, both in the basic version of the various models and, even more, with the application of the “ECO” system, developed to reduce even more the energy requirements for the operation of the oven.

Our ovens comply with all regulations regarding the reduction of emissions and are suitable for installation in residential areas where the installation of gas / diesel ovens is not permitted.

All our production processes are designed in order to respect the environment and not disperse more than necessary into the atmosphere.

We try not to use superfluous packaging and each staff member in the company carries out a scrupulous separate collection.

These are our principles and we try to apply them everywhere, both in the production departments and in our customers’ laboratories.