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The ELETTRO annular oven is the result of continuous improvements and studies based on the needs of our customers and the desire to find the best possible cooking solution. It is an extremely versatile oven for any product, which makes cooking homogeneity and energy saving its strengths.

  • COOKING ROOMS: built in stainless steel, are thermally independent and guarantee perfect cooking uniformity, thanks to high quality materials with high insulating power. Furthermore, they allow the oven great flexibility and economy in times of low working, using separate ground-to-sky regulation from 0% to 100%.
  • HEATING/COOKING: heat is produced by armored electric resistances, placed on the top and on the bottom of each single cooking chamber to exploit the phenomenon of natural convection. The cooking of the products takes place on floors, made with reinforced refractory cement with high thermal inertia. Elettro gives the possibility to cook at the same time different products such as big bread, small bread, pastry and puff pastry, thanks to the complete autonomy of each chamber and to the efficient steaming system. The oven boasts a system of close-double resistances, placed in the front of the oven, in order to eliminate “stripes phenomenon” on the product and guarantee uniform and perfect cooking.
  • STRUCTURE: Facade and baking apertures are made of stainless steel and they guarantee durability.
  • COOKING HOOD equipped with high flow electric fan.
  • ADAPTABILITY: The Elettro oven is suitable for all places where there are difficulties in installation of waste systems, because they don’t require any type of connection for the discharge of combustion products.
  • REDUCED CONSUMPTION : each room is equipped with a computerized electronic control unit, which allows an optimal management of consumption, reducing them to extremely interesting levels. Elettro can also be equipped with the “ENERGY OPTIMIZER” device, which is able to better manage the electricity consumption of the entire bakery.
  • GLASS: the doors of the cooking chambers have a balanced upward opening, extremely easy to use, and allow excellent visibility inside the chambers.
  • ELECTRIC CONTROL UNIT: (possibility of inversion during assembly) the control panel is designed to be installed indifferently on the left or right side of the oven’s façade, by making a simple exchange of components.
  • STEAM GENERATORS: equipped with independent heating system, electronically regulated.
  • CONTROL PANEL: The computerized electronic control unit combined with each cooking chamber is able to manage up to 32 cooking programs and control all the functions of the chamber.
  • “ENERGY OPTIMIZER”: it is the tool that allows a rational use of electrical energy, managing it according to the needs of the various cooking chambers. Ensures substantial savings in energy.