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The VAPOR annular oven is the result of continuous improvements and studies based on the needs of our customers and the desire to find the best possible cooking solution. It is an extremely versatile oven for any product, which makes uniform cooking its own strength point.

  • COOKING SYSTEM Fixed decks oven with tube bundle with single rings formed by seamless pipes (“Mannesman” process), high pressure (UNI 663/68 standards, Fe 45.2 steel, 35×5.5 mm diameter guaranteed (diameter 27 on demand), with test certificate). The tubes are individually tested at the end of the production cycle and thanks to the number and quality of the materials used, we can ensure an excellent thermal efficiency and perfect cooking homogeneity.
  • STEAM GENERATORS are located directly in each cooking chamber; they are independent and guarantee a high and constant steam production. On demand, each cooking chamber can be equipped with double steam generators, to face special production requirements, with significant quantities of steam (VAPOR double).
  • Steam oven with annular tubes and DOUBLE STEAM GENERATORS in each cooking chamber, with independent control.
  • FURNACE AND SMOKE CHANNELS. The channels are made of refractory material of excellent quality, and they have been carefully studied and designed for a perfect heat distribution. The furnace, which is in the front of the oven, and arranged with a cinerary, can work with any fuel: liquid, gaseous solid (wood, coal, etc.).
  • low voltage CONTROL PANEL, grouping all the instruments of regulation and control. The chimney damper is equipped with a safety limit switch which allows the burner ignition only with damper in working position.
  • STEAM CONTROLS allow to adjust the amount of steam required for each cooking chamber.
  • ELECTRICAL CONTROL UNIT Located under the pallet, it complies with all the CE Safety Standards and can be easily inspected for any need.
  • FAÇADE AND MAIN ELEMENTS: made of stainless steel for excellent durability. On demand the firing doors could be of three types (Self-balancing, easy to dismantle and clean)
    • Tempered glass;
    • Stainless steel with central porthole;
    • Totally made of stainless steel.
  • BASEMENT with removable doors to facilitate access to the burner, to the furnace and to openings for cleaning the flue gas exhaust ducts.
  • Granulated COOKING TOPS, with internal reinforcement for longer lasting temperature preservation. The heat is released in a soft and homogeneous way, perfect for any type of bread.
  • Optional: LATERAL FURNACE The oven can be equipped, on request, with a lateral furnace for heating with solid fuels.